Ancient Connections Gathering

Rovinj, Croatia

Thursday, August 31st – Sunday, September 3rd, 2023.

Ancient Connections Gathering came from the inspiration of life’s sweet synchronicities,
and how they bring us to the most magical places of familiarity and unity.
That is how this gathering comes to be created… Through the journey of surrendering.
As we are all being guided when we are listening…

That is why the intention of our gatherings is precisely – Connection.


This year’s Gathering will be taking place in Kaštel Kambelovac, Croatia,
where we will be living together for 4 days at a small olive and fig oasis
on the way to Kozjak Mountain, near Split, surrounded by our Mother,
and 10 minute drive to the Adriatic Sea.

The world we are re-birthing is calling us to come together and re-learn that our separation is nothing but an illusion.
It’s not something that needs to be fixed but rather transfigured into a reality that accepts our duality and pure nature.

Where you are not too much, nor too little of anything.
The pure freedom to be your multi-dimensional self in a space with like-minded beings.
To learn, laugh, cry, scream, dance, sing, and grow.
Evolving together as our ancient ancestors would know.

At the Gathering, we embrace the Magic Within Us:

Unbinding ourselves from the seriousness and constant need of healing something, rather we come together simply to celebrate our Existence and Connection – partying with our incredibly intelligent Cells!
Self-expression. Authenticity. Vulnerability. Playful Nature.


Learning from each other. Re-connecting with all we are.
Experience a diverse web of authentic workshops, a lot of dancing, funny games,
inspiring performances, body art expression, revitalizing yoga sessions, and singing for the fun of it. 
We will immerse in heart-opening cacao and native medicinal tea ceremonies.

Enjoying our conscious co-existence,

and much more we don’t even know about yet! 
(Sign up to share your magic @participate page)


Important notes to keep in mind:

• Everyone is considered part of the tribe, so there will be no volunteers.
We all work together to make everything happen. We will all be cooking, cleaning, decorating, preparing, building, co-creating workshops, and holding space together. 

• If it’s possible, bring some organic food from your garden or from your local farmer such as fruits, vegetables, and grains to contribute to our communal meals,
then let’s collaborate our creative magic in the cooking pots.

• We will be sleeping in tents or hammocks at the gathering location,
so make sure to bring your camping gear.

• The opening ceremony will feature a sacred altar of elements dedicated to Creation.
Please bring a meaningful object that carries your intention for the gathering.

• Feel free to bring decorations that can enhance the space and create an inspiring atmosphere.

• As this is a co-creative, non-profit event, we have a Tribal Group on WhatsApp where after purchasing a ticket, you can join to receive necessary details and contribute to making the gathering a true success.

You can apply below if you feel the call to share your magic with us.

If you feel the call, come and join us in celebration.
For The Ancient Tribes Living Inside Want To Come Out And Play!

Thank You

from our hearts to yours